For Retailers

As the primary source of contact with homeowners, our retail partners are essential to the success of the Home Energy Savings program.

Joining our program is simple, and provides you with numerous benefits. In-store support is another free benefit of participating; our knowledgeable field staff can help train your staff on the Home Energy Savings program and provide free program marketing materials. The Home Energy Savings program for retailers will help you increase sales of energy-efficient appliances and grow your business' market reach.

Signing up is easy and costs you nothing! Call the Retailer Hotline at 1-877-507-2247 for more information and to learn about becoming a participating retailer.

Clothes washer recycling program

Retailers participating in our clothes washer recycling program receive $25 per qualifying unit. To qualify for this incentive, the customer must purchase a new qualified model and also participate in the Home Energy Savings program. The recycled unit may be operable or inoperable. Please call the Retailer Hotline number listed above for additional information.

Incentives for New Appliances

New Appliances

Learn about customer incentives for new high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® appliances.

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