Important! Pacific Power's planned changes to the energy efficiency program became effective January 1, 2019. Changes include an increase to the heat pump clothes dryer incentive and other changes to update qualifications to align with market conditions. For questions or additional clarification, please email [email protected].

Multifamily Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pump

Get up to $1,000 cash back

Go ductless and find the comfort zone

Install ductless heat pumps for your multifamily property and earn $1,000 cash back for each qualified unit. It’s a simple move that’s far more efficient than baseboards and wall heaters. Your tenants will enjoy savings of up to 50 percent on heating and cooling costs, and with no invasive ductwork, installation is easy and affordable.

Qualifications & Incentives

Equipment Purchases and Services Customer Incentive
Ductless heat pump $1,000

Ensure the home qualifies:

  • Home must complete the pre-qualification process. Contact the program to begin the pre-qualification process and to get the required application documents at [email protected]
  • Must be an existing multifamily property, new construction is not eligible for this incentive
  • Previous primary heat source must have been a permanently installed electric resistance heating system (electric baseboard, electric furnace, electric ceiling/wall heat)
  • Incentive is not offered to customers replacing an existing ducted heat pump

Requirements for ductless heat pumps:

  • Minimum 9.0 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)
  • Equipment must be installed according to specifications outlined in the Washington Technical Specifications Manual
  • Equipment must be listed on the AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) Certified Directory:
  • Work completed must comply with all building codes and standards
  • Equipment must be a new AHRI rated ductless (mini-split) system
  • Must employ an inverter driven outdoor compressor unit and a variable speed fan for indoor blower and be fully ductless
  • Must have at least one indoor head installed in the primary living space
  • Work must be completed by a Program-Qualified Contractor listed on the Program-Eligible HVAC Contractor List. Please review our tips for hiring a contractor

Additional program rules:

  • May apply for only one incentive per heat pump
  • Submit all documents within 90 days of the qualifying service completion date
  • Incentive may not exceed the total cost of the project

Required documentation:

  • Heat Pump Application, completed and signed
  • Program issued pre-qualification approval
  • Itemized receipt or contractor invoice must include:
    • Product and/or installation costs (materials, labor, service)
    • Model numbers: indoor and outdoor
    • Date work initiated
    • Date work completed
    • Trade ally business name
  • AHRI certificate
  • Third Party Payment Addendum (only for homeowners and other third-party entities not listed on account and applying for incentives)
  • IRS W-9 Form, if applicable*

*Applicable only to businesses and non-individual customers, including landlords, applying for incentives

Incentives are associated with the Home Energy Savings (HES) program January 1, 2018 tariff filing approved by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. All incentives are subject to change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Customer Eligibility

Multifamily properties featuring five or more attached units are eligible to receive program incentives.

Multifamily property owners must have a landlord account on a qualifying residential rate schedule. You can find your rate schedule on your utility bill or by calling 1-888-221-7070.

Qualifying Pacific Power residential rate schedules:

  • Washington: 16, 17 or 18

How to Apply


Step 1- Multifamily Pre-Qualification

  • Property managers, owners or trade allies must submit a pre-qualification form before starting work. This form can be requested from and submitted to [email protected] Once submitted, the property will be considered pre-qualified only if the requested property is on a qualifying residential rate schedule, and the requested incentive(s) have not been paid previously at the property. Information provided on the pre-qualification form is also used to schedule a pre-inspection; property managers, owners or trade allies should provide the proper contact information for an inspector to gain access to the property and individual units as necessary.

Step 2- Multifamily Pre-Inspection

  • wattsmart Homes will schedule a pre-inspection and ensure the property qualifies based on site conditions. The property manager, owner or trade ally will be given approval to proceed with work, if qualified.

Step 3- Multifamily Post-Inspection

  • Upon completion of work, please submit application materials to [email protected] If the application materials are complete, the program will schedule a post-inspection to ensure all work meets wattsmart Homes requirements. Note that applications for projects that do not complete steps 1 and/or 2 will not be accepted.

Contractor completes energy upgrades:

  • The contractor will perform the necessary work for the project to qualify for an incentive. Consult with your contactor to get a clear understanding of the work being performed and how long it will take. Also remember to notify your tenants about the work being done.

Application is submitted:

  • Once the work is completed, the contractor submits one incentive application for the entire multifamily property to the wattmart Homes program.
  • All units listed on the application must be verified on the landlord account (units may need to be added if they are not under the landlord account at time of review).
  • One itemized invoice detailing the work performed for the property must be submitted.
  • A completed W-9 form for the person or entity receiving the incentive check must be submitted along with the application for tax purposes. For changes to account name, contact Business Solutions at 1-866-870-3419.
  • In some cases a Third Party Payment Addendum will be required if a landlord account is not set up or if the payment is going to anyone other than the account holder
  • Applications cannot be processed if any required documentation is missing.
  • The property is then queued for a post-work inspection.

Post-work inspection:

  • After receipt of a completed incentive application the program will schedule a post-work inspection to verify all program requirements have been met.
  • A minimum of 25 percent of the units that received an energy efficiency upgrade must be inspected
  • Tenants should be notified of this post-work inspection beforehand.

Application is processed and check is mailed:

  • Checks will be issued for approved applications within six weeks of final processing.

Incentive Application Materials:

Questions? Email us or call 1-800-942-0281.