Heat Pumps

Save energy and money with an efficient heat pump.

Heat pumps are an effective way to cool and heat your home, but inefficient standard and late-model heat pumps often use too much energy, raising your electricity bill. Program qualified heat pumps are approximately 8 percent more efficient than standard new models. With proper model selection, installation and maintenance, you can gain big cost savings with an energy-efficient model. Though potentially more expensive to purchase upfront, the cost of a program qualified model is paid back over time through lower electricity bills. If you're considering installing a heat pump consider buying an energy-efficient model.

Energy Saving Benefits

  • Use up to 20 percent less energy when you switch from your current heat pump to an energy-efficient model
  • Save money by using less energy to heat and cool your home

Environmental Benefits

  • Optimize the performance of your heat pump to use less energy and help avoid global warming
  • Promote clean air by using less energy

Getting Started

Prior to starting a project, find a contractor using the Wyoming Participating and Program Qualified Contractors list. Note that select incentives must be completed by a Program Qualified Contractor. Review the Incentive Application with your contractor to determine eligibility requirements, incentive qualifications and review the list of required documents to submit for an incentive.

Incentive Application and required documents must be received within 90 days of the purchase or completed installation. Incentive checks are issued within 45 days of receipt of the completed and approved Incentive Application. Incentives are not to exceed the purchase price of the equipment or service. Equipment and service work may be inspected for compliance. Incentives are subject to tariff approval and may change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for questions regarding contractors or how to receive your incentive.

Available Incentives

Equipment Purchases and Services
Customer Incentive
Contractor Incentive
Heat pump to heat pump upgrade
(8.2+ HSPF & TXV)



Electric heat system to heat pump conversion (8.2+ HSPF & TXV)



Heat pump best practices installation and sizing




Heat pump equipment (upgrade and conversion)
  • Work must be completed by either a Participating or Program Qualified Contractor
  • Equipment must have a minimum efficiency of 8.2+ HSPF and TXV (factory or field installed TXV)
  • Equipment must be a new, air-source split or packaged unitary heat pump (matching condensing unit and evaporator coil installed) with an Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Standard Rating Cooling Capacity of 65,000 BTU/hr (5.4 tons) or less. The AHRI directory can be found online at www.ahridirectory.org
  • For the heat pump to heat pump upgrade the new heat pump must replace an existing heat pump
  • For the electric heat system to heat pump conversion the new heat pump must replace an existing electric heat system that served at least 80% of the home's floor area (i.e. electric baseboard or electric furnace). Gas, oil, and propane system conversions do not qualify
  • Incentive application and required documents must be received within 90 days of purchase and completed installation
New! Heat pump best practices installation and sizing
  • Work must be performed by a Program Qualified Contractor
  • Incentives are available to all new heat pump installations if the work is performed as part of the installation
  • Work must be performed by a program qualified contractor as part of the initial installation and must meet the program requirements
  • Heat pump is sized using Manual J or equivalent and selected coil combination has capacity that is within ┬Ż ton of the calculated dominant design load (heating in Wyoming)
  • Duct work is visually inspected to verify there are no disconnects
  • Disconnects are fixed prior to installation of equipment
  • System airflow is at least 350 CFM per ton as measured with TrueFlow┬« Meter
  • Refrigerant charge must be within +/- 3 degrees of target sub cooling when checked in either heating or cooling mode
  • For winter installations (outdoor temperature below 65 degrees), technician has the option of comparing suction and discharge pressures with manufacture's targets
  • Compressor low ambient lock out is set no higher than 0 degrees
  • Single stage systems must have discharge air temperature sensor disabled or not installed
  • Multi-stage system discharge air temperature sensor staging temp cannot be above 85 degrees
  • Auxiliary heat cannot operate at outdoor temperatures above 35 degrees

Incentive Application must be received within 90 days of purchase and completed installation or service.

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