Use less energy to cool your home and get cash back.

As the benefits of energy efficiency become increasingly apparent, the popularity of evaporative coolers continues to rise. That’s not surprising considering they use up to 75 percent less electricity than central air conditioners to cool the same square footage. Evaporative coolers cool outdoor air by passing it over water-saturated pads, causing the water to evaporate into it. Cooler air is directed into your home, pushing the warmer air out. Because the technology is simpler, they can cost half as much to buy as a comparable air conditioner. And the best part is you don't have to sacrifice any comfort. Your home will be cool and comfortable all summer long.

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Energy Saving Benefits

  • Use up to 75 percent less electricity to cool your home with an evaporative cooler than with a central air conditioner
  • Save money by dramatically decreasing your electricity use

Environmental Benefits

Avoid greenhouse gas emissions by using less electricity to cool your home.

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Portable Evaporative Coolers
$50 customer incentive

Please see Incentive Application for a list of required documentation and additional terms and conditions. Incentives are subject to Utah Public Service Commission approval and may change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.


Save money on your electricity bill and get cash back when you buy energy-efficient lighting and light fixtures.

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