Installing an efficient furnace is a good way to reduce the amount of natural gas used to heat your home. Choosing an efficient gas furnace with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) fan can also reduce the amount of electricity it takes to distribute heated and cooled air around your house. Because most furnaces that utilize an ECM can also run at slower speeds, they can operate more quietly than a standard furnace. With a properly installed 95% gas furnace with ECM, you can reduce your electric bills year-round. 

Energy Saving Benefits

Save money by using less gas and electricity to heat your home.

Environmental Benefits

Avoid greenhouse gas emissions by using less energy.

If your property is gas-heated, you may be eligible for additional incentives on a new high-efficiency furnace through the Questar Gas® ThermWise® Rebates Program. Visit for more information.

Getting Started

Prior to starting a project, find a trade ally using the Utah HVAC Program Trade Ally list. Note that select incentives must be completed by a qualified HVAC program trade ally. Review the Incentive Application with your trade ally to determine eligibility requirements, incentive qualifications and review the list of required documents to submit for an incentive.

Incentive Application and required documents must be postmarked within 90 days of the work completed date. Incentive checks are issued within 45 days of receipt of the completed and approved Incentive Application. Checks are only payable to the account holder or verified third party payee. Incentives are not to exceed the purchase price of the equipment or service. Equipment and service work may be inspected for compliance. Incentives are subject to tariff approval and may change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for questions regarding trade allies or how to receive your incentive.

Available Incentives

Equipment Purchases and Services
Customer Incentive
Trade Ally Incentive
95% Gas Furnace with ECM $200 $50


95% Gas Furnace with ECM
  • Work must be completed by either a participating or qualified HVAC program trade ally
  • 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) furnace with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
  • Current primary cooling source must be a central air conditioner which serves at least 80% of the home’s conditioned floor area
  • Combined supply and return static pressure needs to be between 0.35-0.65 water column inches (WCI) (87-162 Pascal) on highest heating or cooling fan speed setting upon installation. Some duct configurations may cause the static pressure to be outside of this range and may need to be reconfigured in order to qualify.
  • All physically accessible ducts shall be confirmed to be fully connected
  • All duct connections at the furnace must be sealed
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